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First Camping Trip With a Toddler

Yeah, I was pretty hesitant at first. Camping with a 10 month old seemed like misery, but I also really wanted to see some mountains. To walk in alpine meadows. To look at the stars.

Breakfast on the Bay

Looking for ways to inject small bits of adventure into our daily lives...

A Solo Mt. Laguna Hike

Blue skies, great temps, and snakes.

Lena Lake in April

Today was a hike to a mountain lake, which is pretty nice since it's mid-April and mountain lakes in the Northwest aren't supposed to melt out until July.

First Hike with a Small Child

Last week: walking through cactus, yucca, and a sparse desert landscape to a hidden palm oasis. This week: walking along a rushing, clear, and cold river, through tall trees and a totally lush and verdant understory. Quite the change.

Exploring Cuyamaca State Park

I really didn't have a plan today, other than explore some of the maze of trails at Cuyamaca State Park. I ended up creating a nice 12.5 mile loop, that took me up near to the top Cuyamaca Peak.

Hellhole Oasis - Anza Borrego

Sometimes when it's 45 degrees and sprinkling, and you're wearing shorts, it's the universe trying to tell you that you should be somewhere else. Sometimes you're rewarded for listening.

Biking and Running Tecolote Canyon

I need adventure. I haven't been able to do any large adventures recently, so for now, small, one-day explorations will have to do. These aren't necessarily always about exploring new stuff, but more like exploring new ways of doing the familiar...

Magritte and Me Without My Bowler Hat

Today we saw the Surrealisme! exihibit at the Tokyo National Art Center, which had works by Magritte, Dali, Max Ernst, and Marcel Duchamp...

Welcome to the Largest City in the World

Wow. Tokyo is a cool city...somewhat of sensory overload on a massive scale. So much to see, so much to do....


Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

We started walking north from the Mexican Border. Six months and over 2600 miles later, we emerged several miles into Canada. Along the way, we walked through deserts, dense forests, and spectacular mountains.

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Missing the scenery and freedom experienced on the PCT, we set off again to walk. This time, we spent a month hiking through Colorado from Denver to Durango. The scenery was great and the weather was wild!

Japan 2011

Japan 2011

Early in 2011, we had the privelage of spending three months in Japan. We sampled much of the country, spending time in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, and Kagoshima.



Ctitch - Easy Note Taking

Ctitch is a cloud-based note-taking tool, which allows users to store notes, bookmarks, images, quotes, and files in a clean and easy to use interface. In addition, Ctitch will soon have additional functionality to offer project and life management tools.


Strymr - Cloud Based RSS

Strymr is a robust, cloud-based RSS reader that makes it easy to add feeds from your favorite websites to your own personalized account. The website continually checks your websites throughout the day and displays the latest posts in a clean and beautiful interface.



TrailsNW started as a collection of a few of my favorite hikes, but has grown into one of the Northwest’s premiere hiking related websites, allowing visitors to submit trail descriptions, upload images, interact with the site's message board, and log their hikes.