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Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

We started walking north from the Mexican Border. Six months and over 2600 miles later, we emerged several miles into Canada. Along the way, we walked through deserts, dense forests, and spectacular mountains.

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Missing the scenery and freedom experienced on the PCT, we set off again to walk. This time, we spent a month hiking through Colorado from Denver to Durango. The scenery was great and the weather was wild!

Japan 2011

Japan 2011

Early in 2011, we had the privelage of spending three months in Japan. We sampled much of the country, spending time in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, and Kagoshima.

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Strymr - Cloud Based RSS

Strymr is a robust, cloud-based RSS reader that makes it easy to add feeds from your favorite websites to your own personalized account. The website continually checks your websites throughout the day and displays the latest posts in a clean and beautiful interface.

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Ctitch - Easy Note Taking

Ctitch is a cloud-based note-taking tool, which allows users to store notes, bookmarks, images, quotes, and files in a clean and easy to use interface. In addition, Ctitch will soon have additional functionality to offer project and life management tools.

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TrailsNW started as a collection of a few of my favorite hikes, but has grown into one of the Northwest’s premiere hiking related websites, allowing visitors to submit trail descriptions, upload images, interact with the site's message board, and log their hikes.

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Eagle Creek | Glacier Lake | Ice Lake