Boulder Creek Road Bike Ride

Our last backroads-biking trip was back in December. After our last attempt was a success (after so many failed attempts), I expected to get back out pretty quickly

Running to Liberty Station

Jeannie proposed a run to Liberty Station, a park area and collection of various shops and restaurants. It's about five miles from our home, but since Jeannie has been working towards a half-marathon, we extended it a bit more and attempted a route that is closer to 10 miles...

San Diego Urban Canyon Explorations

I love to get out and explore the more wild areas surrounding wherever I live, but I sometimes overlook the good stuff that's really close...

Little Man Training

Did a short hike yesterday up at Mt. Laguna. It was only about three miles in total, but the little man walked all but probably a half-mile of that all on his own two feet. This is in part because he decided that he really doesn't like being carried in the backpack carrier...

My Big Sis Kicked My Ass

Yesterday I had an epic run. I missed last week's 8.5 mile after work run, so it was good to get out on a sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest and run through some trees..

Success on Horsethief Road

After quite a few failed attempts, we finally found a great road to ride our bikes out towing hauling our 15 month-old in his own private chariot...

My Favorite Images From Our Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

With the new "Wild" movie coming out (for better or worse), I took a look back at our Pacific Crest Trail adventure.

Running Home

We moved last week, so the days of my nice, easy walks to and from work are now over. It's a bummer, but maybe there's a bright side.

Another Unsuccessful Bike Ride

Another failed attempt at riding some backroads with a child in tow.

Maggie Lakes Backpack in November

Zoie, our orange and somewhat spunky cat looked at me with disdain as I slowly rolled over from a deep sleep to turn off my alarm clock...


Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

We started walking north from the Mexican Border. Six months and over 2600 miles later, we emerged several miles into Canada. Along the way, we walked through deserts, dense forests, and spectacular mountains.

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Missing the scenery and freedom experienced on the PCT, we set off again to walk. This time, we spent a month hiking through Colorado from Denver to Durango. The scenery was great and the weather was wild!

Japan 2011

Japan 2011

Early in 2011, we had the privelage of spending three months in Japan. We sampled much of the country, spending time in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, and Kagoshima.

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